A Family To Belong To

Woodside church is a family to belong to. A place to come as you are, be loved and meet with God.


At Woodside church we believe that it is not enough to just know what you are doing; you need to know who you are and who you are becoming. The following four statements best summarise who we believe God wants us to be (our plumb-line) – we often refer to these as the Woodside DNA:

  • A family full of grace and truth
  • Called to serve and reflect our community
  • Knowing the word and power of the Spirit
  • Seeking to equip and release everyone in order to bring glory to Jesus


The church in Antioch (Acts 11:19-30, 13:1-3) was a strong, dynamic and ground-breaking church. They pioneered by building with a diverse leadership team – they saw amazing growth and salvation amongst those far from God (the Gentiles) – whilst also being a sending base for church planting and multiplication.

This remarkable church is a wonderful example and model of how one church can become a resource-base that has expansive impact; making disciples in their local area and across the world. We are so inspired by the story of this church.

We believe God has called Woodside to be a strong, resource base church; impacting and blessing 1000’s of people and 100’s of churches both locally and throughout the world.

A Multiplying Church - Alongside this God has clearly spoken and called Woodside to be a multiplying church. We began this current season of multiplication in 2012 when we launched our 2nd morning meeting and in January 2019 we launched our 3rd meeting at a new site in the west of Bedford. As we look ahead we are committed to continuing this multiplying story. Multiplying into new towns and cities, neighbourhoods and nations.


We want our small groups (called Community Groups) to be the heart and heartbeat of church life. When our groups are healthy – the church is healthy. They are the place where real community and friendships can be found; where a sense of family and belonging is expressed and enjoyed. A place to grow in our love for God, our love for one another, and our love for those not yet following God. We see this as a time for many new groups to begin – many of which may be small; where all can be encouraged to use the gifts God has given them. In our groups we want to see everyone equipped and released to be disciples who make new disciples.”

Our Sunday services are an opportunity to gather as a wider community; enjoy our rich diversity, worship together and be equipped for the week ahead. We believe leaders (Eph 4) are called to equip and release people into all that God has called them to do – Sundays are a keyway that we do this together. We want our Sunday services to serve the church body whilst being accessible and understandable for the unbeliever.

Statement of Belief

If you’d like to see a “statement of belief” to which we subscribe, have a look at the Evangelical Alliance website.


Woodside Church is part the Catalyst network of Churches belonging to Newfrontiers.

A vibrant multicultural growing church.

Not just a service to attend but a family to belong to.

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